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Chloe Kim Is Ready to Win Olympic Gold Again—On Her Own Terms
SEAN GREGORY (40page) 2022-01-31

Ŭ Ŵ, ø ݸ޴޿ Ѵ- ׳ุ Ŭ Ŵ 2018 ѱ øȿ ƿ , ׳ ݸ޴ ڽ , θ 뿡
The Choice
EDWARD FELSENTHAL (36page) 2021-12-27

(The Choice) , 3õ ޷ ̻ ڻ 鼭, Ϸ ӽũ ι Ҹ Ϳ Ǹ Ѵ. ġڵ ̰, ӽũ þ
The 100 Best Inventions of 2021
BYEloise Barry (45page) 2021-11-22

2021 ְ ߸ǰ 100 ų Ÿ Ű , Ʈϰ, ְ ߸ǰ . 2021 Ʈ ϸ鼭, Ÿ ¶ ͵
The Hands-Free Shoe
Nike GO FlyEase
Jesse Will (72page) 2021-11-22

Ű ö(Nike GO FlyEase) Ź߲ κ 翬 鿡Դ ִ. Ű
Sonograms Made Simpler
Caption AI
Alejandro de la Garza (74page) 2021-11-22

˻ ĸ AI(Caption AI) ˻ Ƽ 庴 ȯ ϴ ִ. ų ʸ Ƽ Ұ
On-Call Safety Support
ADT SoSecure
Alison Van Houten (75page) 2021-11-22

Ʈ ADT ť(ADT SoSecure) ť(SoSecure) ̿ϴ ȥڼ Ÿ ȴٰ ģ ȭ Ŵ Ͱ . ׷ ȭ Ŵ Ȳ
Five Screens At a Time
Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses
Jason Cipriani (71page) 2021-11-22

ټ ũ ÿ 뺸 ũƼ A3 Ʈ۷ (Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses) ʾ, å տ , ž ͸ Ѵ 뺸(Lenovo) ũ
Just Add Water
Everist Waterless Haircare Concentrates
Taylor Bryant(64page) 2021-11-22

ξ ּ Ʈ(Everist) ɾ º (Everist Waterless Haircare Concentrates) ִ º Ȩɾ Ʈ( ģȯ)
Multilingual Meetings Made Easy
Kudo Marketplace
Alejandro de la Garza (59page) 2021-11-22

߾ ȸǸ ÷̽(Kudo Marketplace) ¶ ȭȸǴ ش. ,  ٴ Ͽ. ÷̽(Kudo Marketplace)
The Return of the Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Jason Cipriani(63page) 2021-11-22

ø ȯ Z Z ø3(Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3) Ⱓ, ޴ Ʈ ɰ 2000 ø ޴뼺 ϱ Դ. ׷ ̷ õ