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Ellen Burstyn on How James Lipton Became the Maestro of the Master Class
Ellen Burstyn (15page) 2020-03-16

ƾ(Ellen Burstyn) Ŭ ӽ (James Lipton) ִ ̾߱ ■ Ŭ 3 2, 93 ϱ ӽ ó ͽ
Cancel Culture Is Not Real-At Least Not in the Way People Think
Sarah Hagi (28page) 2019-12-02

ĵ ó(Cancel Culture) ƴϴ.  ϴ δ ƴϴ. ĵ ó ʹ ָ ΰ? ϱ Ұߴ . ܾ ˻غ
Stephen King on Doctor Sleep, Donald Trump and Why He Often Writes About Children
Peter Allen Clark(52page) 2019-11-18

< (Doctor Sleep)> ε Ʈ, ׸ װ ̿ Ƽ ŷ(Stephen King) ̾߱ Ʈ Ҽ ڽ Ͽ յΰ ִ ȭ
Producer Brian Grazer Wants You to Be More Curious About Other People
Jeffrey Kluger (14page) 2019-09-30

̾ ׷ ε༭ ٸ 鿡 ȣ ٶ ̾ ׷(Brian Grazer) ̸ Ǫƾ(Vladimir Putin) þ ߴ ̾߱⸦ ֱ
She Never Stopped Hoping. Renée Zellweger on Judy Garland, and What the Future Holds for Women
Eliza Berman (52page) 2019-09-30

׳ ʾҴ. ֵ ſ ̷ ■ ֵ (Judy Garland) ī , 긮 (Bridget Jones) ߵ
The Handmaids Tale Was a Warning. Three Decades Later, Margaret Atwood Is Back With Another
Lucy Feldman (37page) 2019-09-16

<ڵ (The Handmaids Tale)> . 30 , Ʈ(Margaret Atwood) ٸ ƿ´. 常(Lucy Feldman) - 37 ■ ۰
How Ryan Murphy Became King of the Streaming Boom
Sam Lansky (42pae) 2019-09-16

̾ (Ryan Murphy)  Ʈ (streaming boom) Ǿ ■ װ ø(Netflix) TV ͼ ̴. ̾ Ǵ ޽
Country Music Should Be Political. After All, It Always Has Been
Jon Meacham / Tim McGraw (36pae) 2019-08-26

Ʈ ġ̾ Ѵ. ٵ ׷ϱ. ■ Ư ̱ ư λ ݿؿԴ. ״ ־. 1960
Bruce Springsteen Holds the Key to Salvation for a British Teen in Blinded By the Light
Stephanie Zacharek (51page) 2019-08-26

罺 ƾ(Bruce Springsteen) ӿ 10 谡 ִ 罺 ƾ ҵ ä ۽Ÿ Ȱϰ
Inside the Fight Over How Notre Dame Should Rise From the Ashes
Vivienne Walt (30page) 2019-08-05

Ʈ 뼺 ѷ ĸ - Ʈ(Antoine-Marie Préaut) ӿ ż ӹ ϼϱ ̴ ̾. Ʈ ĸ

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